Academic Process

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We will ensure the quality of our education by:
  • providing a curriculum, based upon an International Programme
  • systematically reviewing the curriculum to meet the needs of our students in the ever changing world
  • maintaining an excellent learning environment with the best teaching resources available to us
  • addressing the individual needs of all students including special needs, gifted and talented and English language learners
  • maintaining class sizes which maximise opportunities for individual learning and a favourable teacher/student ratio
  • providing a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities
  • recruiting and retaining well qualified, experienced and effective staff
  • assessing students’ attainment and progress throughout their school career
  • providing regular feedback on progress to students and parents
  • regularly reviewing school performance through monitoring and evaluation
  • providing quality professional development for staff
  • being open to new thinking and ideas
  • using technology to enhance the learning experience
  • recognising that different teaching methodologies are essential for effective learning to take place

so that our students are equipped to succeed in other education systems, enter higher education and the world of work.