Eco Team

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The Eco-Team is an ongoing and active school committee seeking the involvement of students, teachers, and administrators. The committee was formed to show the importance of having a school-run program that teaches students to be active stakeholders in their school's environment and overall community. The main goals of the Eco-Team committee are to increase environmental awareness, to improve the school's overall environment, to have a greater involvement in the local community, to promote pupil empowerment, and to reduce waste.

In the future we hope to gain international contacts through partnerships with various environmental organizations.

The committee's biggest challenge is to promote environmentalism and good recycling habits in its school environment. We are also involved in many other activities that promote a greener and more eco-friendly school environment through our annual Eco-Team T-Shirt Contest, Earth Day celebrations, and Spring Fling. All of our activities involve the whole student body, teacher involvement, and the support of administrators. We are always seeking support as well as, active members that will help facilitate these and future goals!

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Go Green, the Eco-Team