Outside the Border

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Outside the Border consists of cross-curricular, academic activities outside the framework of the classroom. Each year students build on skills and knowledge and it can take the following forms :

  • Service learning (community involvement, volunteering,)
  • Adventures (camping, excursion, trekking)
  • Cultural travel and visits. (discovery of different social practices outside the country)


  • New Experience: Students will visit areas and travel to with/without family. The school will offer activities that are either unavailable to or not commonly experienced by students at IMS.
  • Curriculum-Based: Make specific and thematic connections to as many areas of the curriculum as possible.
  • Inter-Personal Skills: Create opportunities for students to learn how to appreciate others' differences and develop respectful relationships.
  • Team-Building: Improve trust and cooperation within the community by facing challenges and experiences together (problem solving, group planning and co-operation through exposure to new languages, traditions, cultural practices, and physical challenges).
  • Confidence-Building: Improving students' self-esteems by providing physical, intellectual and emotional challenges (new physical activity, exploring a new city, functioning in an unfamiliar environment, etc.).
  • Authentic Learning: Providing students with hands-on-learning experiences and real-world connections to curriculum.

IMS Students also have the opportunity to travel internationally on optional school trips. These tours include an English tour to London, a Business Studies tour to Canada, USA, a gifted student camp in Canada and USA and various Model United Nations conferences around the region.