Our History

With more than 40 years of experience in taking care of students, we have made our schools into one big family. Founded in 1970, Modern Schools have helped thousands of students realise their dream of studying with high quality education. We are firmly established as one of the best academic performers of schools in Egypt.

Our Facilities

With breathtaking scenery, modern infrastructure, and a reputation for quality and excellence, Integrated Modern School's 6800 square meter campus. Library, computer centers, science laboratories, music room, art room, cafeteria, gymnasium, as well as outdoor swimming pool and basketball courts, a turf surface soccer field, and air-conditioned classes with the latest and best school equipment and interactive smart boards.

Truly Semi-International Atmosphere

We understand that a world-class teaching staff is the key to effective education. We hire people with a passion for our students. The school has exceptional teachers and staff. Highly qualified and experienced teachers that inspire and motivate our students to high levels of success.

Research has demonstrated that the quality of teaching is the most important factor affecting a child's progress. We invest significant time and energy carefully selecting the teachers that join our community.

Semi-international Curriculum

Combining the best of the Integrated Curriculum and IB Diploma Programme. We do this because we believe that the style and structure of these qualifications along with the depth of subject knowledge taught, prepare students better for both university and working life than any other curriculum available worldwide.

Quality Education

Integrated Modern School approach to learning is one which focuses not only on academic excellence but also in helping students develop their character, creativity, values, personal leadership and the spirit of enterprise necessary for them to achieve their full potential as global citizens and leaders of the future.

Our values, our students become confident, tolerant, resilient people of integrity, capable of both leadership and compassion. They are taught the values and responsibilities needed to become active members of the community, something which the modern world is desperate for.

A warm and welcoming community

We encourage and embrace the involvement of parents more than any other school. We listen carefully to our parents requests and hold regular parent's meetings.

High Performance Learning

Our approach to learning, our outstanding teachers and premium learning environment ensures that all our students, regardless of their starting point, become high performers. Your child will be guided and challenged to become both academically and socially confident. We call this approach High Performance Learning and it sets us apart from all other schools in Egypt.

Our highly qualified and experienced teachers support and enable all our students to thrive. This is achieved through our High Performance Learning approach, which is centered on a combination of guided learning, and challenges. Our teachers work together across the IMS Education family to develop innovative and exciting new ways of helping our students to become high performers.

High Performance Learning is not just about the remarkable academic achievements that our students are achieving. It is also about developing them as socially confident individuals who display leadership skills and behaviors, cultural awareness and sensitivities and about developing physically and culturally through in-school competitions and performances.